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I have been using the Tanzu face and body cream for about three years.  I  have eczema and dark patches on my face due to medications taken through the years. This cream has brightened my skin considerably. It is also a great moisturizer. I have many allergies and have to be careful about skin care products.  

I also use it as a body cream as some lotions/creams cause reactions.

Claudia Adams---Los Vegas NV

I was having some serious issues with smelly underarms. I decided to go natural with Tanzu deodorants and I no longer have a problem.  I apply it once in the morning and it last all day.  I would highly recommend this product.

Lamar Wilson--Nashville TN

I have been enjoying using the Artisan Soaps. Besides their delightful but delicate scent they are gentle on my hands and leave them feeling like I just moisturized them with a little lotion.  I like the pleasing colors also, and the size if just right—not too big and clunky.” 

Peggy Mathews--Virginia