About Us

Our Philosophy—Keep it Simple!

Business Hours—Monday thur Thursday—10 to 5 pm CST

                                 Friday 10 to 2 pm CST

                                  CLOSED—Saturday, Sunday & all major Holidays

We are a little bit different than most companies in that before you invest full price in our products we suggest you “Try Before You Buy”.

The Benefits of this approach:

  • Low cost investment—3 samples for $14.50. (Shop Now)
  • Opportunity to see if and how the products work for you.
  • You avoid decorating your house with unused products that you don’t want to throw away because you paid too much for them.

Business Model--We believe “Fresh Is Best”, for this reason our products are handcrafted in small batches. Unlike products that sit on a shelf for long periods of time and lose potency value…this handcrafted process ensures that the properties of the ingredients used are still active when you receive them. We are a small business, locally owned and operated. Please allow 7-14 business days for receipt of most orders.

Our Focus—Quality handcrafted natural products at a reasonable price and customer satisfaction. There are natural fluctuations in product results when using all-natural ingredients, therefore there may be differences from batch to batch in color, scent and/or consistency. These slight differences are part of the specialness that comes with handcrafted products. These minor variations are not regarded as defects in product quality. THIS IS A GOOD THING!

Product Ingredients—We provide full disclosure on ALL product labels and encourage you to read the labels carefully. With the exception of our salves (we use Bees wax as a base)…ALL products are VEGAN & GLUTEN & CHEMICAL FREE.

Our Soaps—We have been making soap since 2009. Our soaps are made with plant-based vegetable oils and 100% essential oils and occasionally with a fragrance oil. Unlike commercially made soaps handmade soaps retain the glycerin which is what helps the skin to be soft and moist. Beyond the use of lye there are no harsh chemicals or preservatives used in our process of soap making…you can’t have soap without the use of lye…commercial or handmade…this includes melt and pour.

Disclaimer—All statements made on this website are informational only and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any bodily condition you may have…you must base your purchase decisions on your own experience and best judgment concerning our products. If you have a history of allergic reactions, especially contact dermatitis it will be in your best interest to always test skin products before use and to discontinue use immediately for any allergic reactions. TRY BEFORE YOU BUY!