Q—Why does my product look, feel different?

TANZU is committed to High Quality--Our products are artfully handcrafted with heart and hand using time tested recipes and custom formulas. Our focus is quality and effectiveness. There are natural fluctuations in product results when using all-natural ingredients, therefore there may be differences from batch to batch in color, scent and/or consistency. These slight differences are part of the specialness that comes with handcrafted products. These minor variations are not regarded as defects in product quality. THIS IS A GOOD THING!

For exampleShea Butter can be hard or soft, white, yellow or cream in color and have different scents. Things like barometric pressure and humidity can affect the outcome of a product. During the warmer months, products with vegetable butters (i.e. shea and cocoa) will soften and often liquefy in transit and remain so until it reaches room temperature.

Q—Why Use All-Natural Products?

Unlike conventional products, natural products are non-invasive and have no harmful impact over time. Five KEY Benefits Are:

  • Environmentally Safe;
  • Works with your body and not against it;
  • Little to no side effects;
  • Products created with pure essential oils create an aromatherapy experience;
  • Contain no unnecessary fillers, irritants or harmful chemicals.

Q—How Do Natural Deodorants Work?

Natural deodorants are just as effective as conventional deodorants.  The difference is natural deodorants are FREE of harsh chemicals that create long-term use negative impact on the body. Natural deodorants allow the body to perform its natural process of detoxifying the body and regulating body temperature by way of perspiration (which has no odor, it is the bacteria which causes underarm odor).

Q—How Do I Transition to a Natural Deodorant?

First StepSTOP using conventional deodorants filled with toxins.

Second Step—Restore BALANCE to your armpits by doing an armpit detox twice a week.  During this initial process you may experience a strong odor from 1—3 weeks (this is your body getting rid of the bacteria build up, just don’t give up).  You will eventually notice the disappearance of this odor and you will naturally smell fresh even without deodorant. Armpits create a breeding ground for sweat-digesting bacteria which is the real cause of underarm odor…perspiration in and of its self has no odor. Another contributing factor to underarm odor is our diet.  A simple detox method is to wash your armpits using apple cider vinegar and a cotton ball. Google detox arm pits to learn other methods.

Q—What is the Difference between a Deodorant and Antiperspirant?

The trouble with antiperspirants (not the same as deodorants) are the aluminum compounds used to close and clog pores to prevent the release of perspiration. When sweat builds up behind blocked ducts--they have nowhere else to go but back inside the body-- it becomes trapped beneath the skin and creates a bacteria imbalance.  This imbalance can actually cause your perspiration to smell worse if you stop using the antiperspirant. 

All of everything is about BALANCE…our bodies need both good and bad bacteria in order to be healthy.  Most breast cancer develops in the upper outer part of the breast—the toxic area closest to the arm pit.  Our bodies were designed to perspire…it is a natural process designed by our Creator (God) to help the body to eliminate toxins and regulate body temperature.


Q—Why Does It Take So Long to Get My Product?

Our products are artfully handcrafted with heart and hand using time tested recipes and custom formulas. Our focus is quality and effectiveness and customer satisfaction. We believe “Fresh Is Best”, for this reason we use a made-to-order business model. We are a small shop and all our products are handcrafted in small batches. For this reason, we ask that customers allow 7-14 business days for receipt of most orders.

Why Buy Homemade Soaps?

All commercially made soaps have a lye base just like homemade soaps (you can not have soap with lye). The BIG difference is commercially made soaps remove the natural glycerin and sell it as a separate product. What you have left is basically detergent which dries out and irritates the skin.  In addition, chemicals are added to commercially made soaps to increase the self-life which adds to the drying and irritation of the skin. Artificial fragrances are also added which can be irritating to the nose and skin.

Homemade soaps on the other hand, retain the natural glycerin (which helps moisturize and soften the skin). No chemicals beyond the use of lye is used in the process and the lye is evaporated over time…this happens during the curing process of 2-4 weeks. Naturally made soaps do not require a preservative and the longer it cures the harder and milder it gets…it’s like a fine wine…the older it is the better.

Benefits of purchase:

  • It is an affordable luxury
  • They make wonderful gifts that say I care
  • They are environmentally friendly

Herbal Soap Care

Our soaps are made with plant-based vegetable oils and 100% Essential oils (doTerra essential oils). TANZU Herbal soaps retain the glycerin. However, glycerin attracts moisture. To prolong the life of your soap we recommend the following steps:

  • Never allow your soap to stand in water…it will melt.
  • Use a soap dish (such as the ones sold on our Website at www.Tanzu.net) that allows the soap to drain & dry completely between use.


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